Get Your FREE System Schematic by AV Signal

Get Your FREE System Schematic by AV Signal

Have a mess of wires and no idea where they lead?  A new, free service by AV Signal aims to end the confusion.  After all, to understand operation, troubleshooting, or upgrading you must know what you have and how it's connected.

How does it work?

First, schedule a time by contacting us at  A technician will visit your site at the designated time to take inventory of your equipment, tone & probe your wires, and then deliver to you an electronic copy of your wiring diagram.  Along with the schematic you will receive an equipment inventory, pictures for your records, and a report detailing where improvements can be made to your system.

Keep in mind, the system will need to be unused for a block of time while it is being documented.  After hours and weekend time slots will be available.

Whats the catch?

There really isn't one.  Our thoughts are: If you don't have a schematic of your system and you need one, you're probably not happy with it's performance. While AV Signal does not sell equipment or installation services, we do consult with partners that do and we can work with you to find the best match for your needs, facility, and budget for any upgrade or new projects.  In order to do this in an efficient way, a schematic and inventory of existing equipment is very necessary.

If you don't have a need for anything like that, but still do need a schematic, that's fine!  We are willing to bet that our knowledgeable technical staff will hopefully gain your recommendation and our consultation in the future.

Need some additional services? 

For an additional cost, you may request services such as:

  • Wire labeling to reference your free wire diagram
  • Neatening, strapping, and containing messy wires
  • Analyzing and adjusting audio and video systems for optimal performance
  • Testing cables and connections.
  • Taking detailed physical, acoustic, & lighting measurements of your facility so that computer aided techniques may be used to determine the effectiveness or your audio visual systems.

Is it really free?

The schematic is 100% free if your facility is in North Carolina.  If you are outside of NC, we only ask that you cover travel costs at 50 cents a mile from Raleigh, NC.

How do we get started?

Send an email to and lets get a time scheduled!