Voice and data are already on the IP, why not AV? Simplify with the Atlona All-IP Meeting Space.

IP networks are the future for AV systems integration, bringing virtually unrestricted scalability and flexibility for AV distribution. The Atlona All-IP Meeting Space dramatically simplifies AV system designs for any small or large meeting room, saving you and your customers time and cost.

The Atlona All-IP Meeting Spaces give you unprecedented power and flexibility to design, integrate, scale, and manage room systems — while also offering new opportunities to meet continually evolving customer demands for effective communication and collaboration.

In this presentation we're going to discuss the concept behind the all IP meeting space from Atlona. What is the all IP meeting space? It's a way to simplify meeting room designs by bringing the power of large enterprise IP based systems down to the individual meeting space which allows us to reduce complexity reduce integration time reduce cost and increase efficiencies. The products that we'll be talking about from Atlona that we use in the all IP meeting space include the OmniStream AV over IP family of products that's both the Pro and the R-Type encoders and decoders the OmniStream audio devices the OmniStream USB devices, Velocity control software, and AMS management software.